Biography of Francisco Accursio (1182-1260)

Italian jurisconsult of the 13th century, of the school of the glossators. It is believed that he/she was born around 1182 in Bagnolo, near Florence, and died around 1260 in Bologna. The news about his life are unclear. It is thought that he/she worked as a teacher in Bologna, teaching in the General Survey. Later, in 1252, he/she moved to Florence to play judge.

Extraordinary fame that enjoyed was due to the extensive collection of glosses of lawyers past and contemporary to it composed, called Magna Glossa, Glossa magistralis, or simply Glossa, once in the second half of the 13th century it became the Glossa ordinaria, reaching even legislative sanction. Thanks to the work of Accursio could retain a good part of the production of the jurists of the Bologna school, lost and scattered in a large number of manuscripts. The Glossa also transcended to the teaching of law.