Biography of Emilio Aceval (1853-1931)

Paraguayan politician, President of his country from 1898 until 1902, born in Asunción on October 16, 1854, and died in 1931. He/She began her studies with father Fidel Maíz and at the age of 13, during the war of the Triple Alliance, he/she joined the army. He/She was injured in Pirayú, Acosta Nu and prisoner in Caraguatay. At the end of the war he/she went to Buenos Aires, where he/she resumed his studies. After a year of travels in Europe and the United States, he/she returned to Paraguay in 1881. He/She was Minister of war and Navy with the general Juan Bautista Egusquiza. He/She succeeded Egusquiza in the Presidency of the Republic on November 25, 1898, after the Secretary of State to renounce. He/She tried to pursue a policy of conciliation, but the general Caballero, head of the Colorado Party, deposed him on January 9, 1902, discontent with solution Aceval thought to give the presidential question. During his short tenure he/she promoted education and culture and organized the library and National Museum. Vice President Carvallo replaced him.