Biography of Luis Alberto Acevedo Acevedo (1885-1913)

Chilean Aviator born in Santiago on September 23, 1885 and died in San Pedro, near Concepción, on April 13, 1913, in a plane crash.

In 1911, he/she traveled to Europe with the few resources that could provide his mother with the intention to learn aviation. He/She joined the Blériot school in Paris, where he/she obtained his title of pilot. He/She invested their limited means in the purchase of an airplane that undertook the return to his country, and there was able to earn a living for a few years doing acrobatics displays until, in 1912, it was proposed to rise up with the record of height that the Argentine Macias had so far. It had then twenty-seven years of age and your adventurous spirit prompted him to add to his record a new brand: that of flying longer, what it meant to go from the city of Concepción to Santiago without making stops. Did. April 13, shortly after his plane had lifted the flight, capotó near the town of San Pedro.