Biography of Gonzalo Acevedo Bernal (1900-1967)

Actor, cameraman and producer of Colombian cinema, born in Bogotá and died in Cali. Son of Arturo Acevedo Vallarino, one of the initiators of the cinema in Colombia, and Laura Bernal Méndez. In 1924 he/she married Carmen Halewyck Belgian. He/She played one of the protagonists in the tragedy of silence. As photographer participated in the film under the sky of Antioquia. For 20 years, Gonzalo Acevedo Bernal supplemented, together with his brother Álvaro, different personalities and talents to produce sound and silent documentary film. In 1932 he/she traveled as cameraman with the troops who went to fight in the war against the Peru. Between 1940 and 1942, the then Education Minister Jorge Eliécer Gaitán, appointed him head of the film section of the Ministry. Starting from 1950, Acevedo Bernal worked as a cameraman for some producers. In 1955 he/she retired from his activity and decided to take up residence near Monteria. In the Decade of the 1960s sold the cultural heritage of the brothers Acevedo to the oil company Esso Colombiana. He/She died in Cali at the age of 67.