Biography of Evaristo Acevedo Guerra (1915-1997)

Writer and Spanish humorist, born in Madrid on February 12, 1915. 25 years old began working for delivery of post while collaborated as comedian biographies short of artists of cinema which published the weekly tell me. Other publications that with their collaboration were pictures, cuckoo, the Spanish, Spanish Agro and eagerness.

In 1943 he/she joined the official school of journalism, and in 1951 he/she published his first novel, common sense is a luxury item. It was then that Antonio Mingote invited him to collaborate on La Codorniz. He/She then worked for the daily information and people and for the magazines week, waves and Gran Vía.

He is the author of approximately ten thousand items, many of them signed with pseudonyms like Evaristoteles, Fernando Arrieta and Noe.sus most outstanding works are the elderly are a Tin (1955), 49 Spanish and dressed in pyjamas in Jersey (1959) 1 and triumphed in society speaking poorly of all (1963).

Other novels are: the serene sleep of night (1954, encyclopedia of national cluelessness (1957), theory and interpretation of Spanish humour (1966), letters to the handcuffed celtiberians (1969), the case of the sexually illiterate (1972), a humorist in the Spain of Franco (1976) and the plays green sheets (award Theatre comedian Spanish 1971), three (1970) development plans, we can already breathe (1975))I hope in the courthouse, my life (1985) and get the humor, not war (1986).

Acevedo was awarded the labor medal in 1980. He/She died in 1997. Your particular file, consisting of 52 volumes in folio, 30 folders and 7 pictures, was auctioned in Madrid, in auctions Velazquez, on 7 July 1999.