Biography of Miguel [militar venezolano] Acevedo (1870- ?)

Prominent military Venezuela army in the war of independence and the Federal war, founder of the federalist liberal political system, is considered the most prestigious head of the Valles del Tuy. He/She was born in Maiquetia, Dtto. Vargas, Venezuela on July 4, 1870 does not known the place nor the date of his death.

Fight on Patriots troops since 1821. Between 1826 and 1829 he/she participates as a Lieutenant in the war against the Patriots, and in 1835 was promoted to captain. During the Federal war he/she obtains the rank of General, and this fee is defeated in two attacks on the town of Chico River in Windward. In 1862 he/she was appointed Chief Civil and military in an Assembly held at Caucagua, where come representatives of the province of Caracas.

In that same year he/she has numerous clashes with Luciano Mendoza, Chief of the Federal armies. As a result of these quarrels General Mendoza does prisoner and Acevedo should appear against general Juan Crisóstomo Falcón. The general Falcon dismisses from office and appoints the general Antonio Guzmán Blanco so that you replace it. In 1863 he/she published a booklet entitled: the righteous men of Venezuela in 1839 and a manifesto: Miguel Acevedo to his countrymen.

In 1864, after the Decree of pardon granted by general José Antonio Páez and the triumph of the "Federal revolution", the constituent Assembly appointed it Provisional President of the State of Caracas. During the same year was appointed Minister of war and Navy, and subsequently, President of Bolivar State. With the defeat of the federal Government, Mariscal Falcón and the victory of the "Blue Revolution" in 1869 began with general Jesús María Aristiguieta, a political backlash against the general Guzmán Blanco and the liberal government.

In 1870 it retracts its actions and participates on behalf of the "Liberal revolution", managing numerous guerrillas in Windward against the Government of José Ruperto Monagas. Back to victory is newly appointed Chief Civil and military of Bolívar State, position he/she occupied until his death.