Biography of Gerrit Achterberg (1905-1962)

Dutch poet, born on May 20, 1905 in Langbroek and died on January 17, 1962 in Oud Leusden. After be known by his active militancy in the major avant-garde artistic groups of his country, he/she broke into the Dutch literary scene with his first poetic installment, entitled Afvaart (sail ship, 1931), work that won unanimous praise from critics and readers. Since then, Gerrit Achterberg became one of the most prominent of a group of Dutch artists and intellectuals called "Young Protestants", group that chose the magazine Opwaartsche Wegen (routes of ascent) as main channel of expression of their ideas. Through numerous poetic collaborations that Achterberg left printed in these pages (as well as in the other prestigious publication of its time, the magazine Criterium), Langbroek poet diffused in all the Dutch literary Cenacle a valuable lyric creation characterized by the expressionist force of his images (not infrequently, tributaries of the technical and scientific advances of the moment)the wise use of the recent surrealist aesthetic and the constant concern - within the thematic area - by the nature of the feeling of love and its sustainability further than death.

In line with this attention conceded to the scientific and technological advances - converted in poetic terms within their own creative output - Gerrit Achterberg, should mention the titles of some books of poetry as Osmose (Osmosis, 1941), Radar (1946), Energie (energy), etc. In addition, three series of Cryptogamen left printed (Cryptograms, 1946, 1951 and 1954), as well as other books of poetry so celebrated as Ode aan Den Haag (Ode to the Hague, 1953) and Ballade van den gasfiter (Ballad of the gas, 1953).

During World War II, Gerrit Achterberg meant by his constant presence in some of the most prominent media communication from its place of origin (including the aforementioned magazine Criterium). Finally, in 1957 gave to press his latest lyrical delivery, posted under the heading of cycle of the coven.