Biography of Hugo Achugar (1944-VVVV)

Poet and Uruguayan essayist, born in Montevideo in 1944. Author of a brilliant lyric production characterized by its simplicity and linguistic simplicity, its intimate and confessional tone, and its propensity for poetic treatment of daily events, is considered to be one of the most prominent voices of contemporary Uruguayan poetry.

Ease of Hugo Achúgar to reach the average American reader lies in its unique ability to create, from the experiences and daily habits of the people who surround him, her own universe in which you have fitted, beside the family uses and the current facts, some global considerations about the reality surrounding the (included poet(, in it, the literary concerns of his time). The mere enunciation of one of the more famous of his poetic corpus, my country, my house (1974), just to underline this interest of the writer of Montevideo by the everyday environment that surrounds him.

Among his most outstanding lyrical works, importantly, here, in addition to the newly cited poems, collections of verses titled the collapse (1968), tropical butterflies (1985) and Orfeo in memory (1991).

In his facet as an essayist, Hugo Achúgar has shown interest for the research on the relationship between the literary genre that dominates - the poetic creation - and the social environment that surrounds him. His major reflections about this matter have been printed in a valuable essay entitled poetry and society (Montevideo: Ed. Ark, 1985).