Biography of Mario Acilio Glabrio (s. II a.C.)

Famous Roman of the Acilia family, who lived in the 2nd century b.c. In the year 563 of the Roman calendar, before 191 a.d., was consul with Publius Cornelius Scipio Nasica. Luck appointed him to send in Greece and combat to Antiochus, King of Syria. It traversed the Ionian Sea at the head of 20,000 Marines and two thousand horses, and joining his troops the of Filipo the Macedonian, he/she subjugated the Thessaly and swept through the Etiotide. It forced the mount Oeta, guarded by two thousand folious; It flowed through Boeotia, seized all Euboea and Chalcis, took Heraclea and Lamia and laid siege to Naupcata; but before taking her expired time of his consulate, and gave the command to Lucio Cornelio EscipiĆ³n, who arrived with a reinforcement of thirteen thousand men; He/She then returned to Rome, where he/she received the honours of the triumph.