Biography of Manuel María de los Santos Acosta Castillo (1827-1901)

Doctor and Colombian liberal politician, born on November 1, 1827 in Miraflores (Boyaca) and died on January 9, 1901 in Santafe de Bogota. He/She made his studies at the school of his native town and was followed by literature and philosophy in the College of Boyaca in Tunja, to complete them in the Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, in Santa Fe de Bogota. He/She received the title of doctor in medicine and surgery at the Faculty of medicine at the National College of the capital, who served until 1860.

His first performance in politics was made in 1851, when he/she attended the Provincial Chamber of Tunja as Deputy by Miraflores. Later, he/she held various positions as of Governor of Tunja (1855). Participated in the House, the Senate, the Assembly and held the Presidency of the State of Boyaca. It was part of the insurrection of 1886 that overthrew general Mosquera. He/She was President of the United States of Colombia during the so-called Radical generation. His slogans have always been peace and Conciliacion.durante his administration created the National University of Colombia, organized the national archives and the national library; Likewise, he/she organized the General accounts Office, gave impetus to the waterway and stimulated the exploitation of coal from the mines of El Cerrejon (Magdalena). His Government attached importance to the economic strengthening, but faced the main feature of the period which was inflation, due to the civil wars and the cessation of domestic production.