Biography of Fray José Rosauro Acuña (1769-?)

Religious and Chilean physician, born in Santiago August 29, 1769 and died on the island of Juan Fernández on date that is unknown, although subsequent to the year 1813.

They were parents of Acuña Antonio, soldier of the Queen's company of dragons, and Josefa Chacón. He/She joined the hospitaller order of San Juan de Dios, whose hospital was formed as a doctor under the direction of fray Pedro Manuel Chaparro, and where also took the first steps in the exercise of their profession. At the beginning of the next century it moved to Chillán, entrusted by his superiors to direct a new hospital of the order, which had been founded recently, with the office of prior.

He made numerous trips to conception, during which had the opportunity to get in contact with the Patriots, whose independence cause embraced without hesitation from the very first moment and exposed as he/she returned to Chillán in order to recruit new followers. He/She became a regular at the gatherings of Juan Martínez de Rozas; It also locked friendship with Bernardo O'Higgins, what was cause of that arrest warrant, accused of conspirator, was issued against him in 1809 and under that charge, he/she was transferred to the capital for putting him on trial. On December 1 the Real audience of Chile ordered their definitive transfer to Santiago and his detention in the convent of his order, but the following year the order was revoked and fray Rosauro, who was not a man to retire, returned to Chillán and was devoted entirely to patriotic apostolate.

Fray José Rosauro fell prisoner in 1813, when the Spanish general Juan Francisco Sánchez, who had been sent to Chile to reconquer the country, occupied Chillán. Then moved you to El Callao, and became him imprisoned in the Casemates of the Real Felipe, where passed, little later, in the prisons of the Inquisition. There was a year and half, after which was sent back to Chile, along with other Patriots, to meet his captivity on the island of Juan Fernández, where he/she ended his days. In the last years of his life is recorded in a work entitled the Chilean comforted in the prisons or the philosophy of religion, signed by the writer Juan Egaña.