Biography of Fray Miguel Acuña (1788-1847)

Religious Colombian Franciscan, born in Zapatoca, province of Socorro (Santander) 8 May 1788 and died in Bogotá on 23 June 1847. He/She took the Franciscan habit in 1809, being a religious who took Holy orders. He/She spent most of his religious life in the convent of San Francisco de Santafé de Bogotá, where he/she was visited by people from all walks of life who attempted to alleviate their ailments through the recipes prepared by Fray Miguel. It became known in Santafe de Bogota for their expertise in medicine. He/She was the greatest nurse nursing. Such was its virtue, that the mere presence of the Franciscan enough for comfort, fortify and revive people overburdened and troubled. Leaving the spiritual peace and tranquility wherever found and all favored his charitable hand. His name appears in the list of men illustrious for their sanctity of the Franciscan province of Santa Fe de Bogotá.