Biography of King of Asiria Adad-nirari I (1305-1274 a.C.)

(IM-not-ra-ri) Fourth King of the so-called middle Assyrian Empire, successor of Arik-den-ili. Adad-nirari I had to fight the turbulent towns of Highlands iranico (qutu, lullubi, among others), as well as to fight against strong hordes of Urartu and even the ahlamu (Aramaic) that roamed by the Jazeera. He/She was also able to attack the Empire of Babylon, he/she defeated despite the opposition of their King, the cassita Nazi-maruttash, at the battle of Kar-Ishtar, as recorded by the synchronous Chronicle. In addition, taking advantage of the weakness of the hurrians and Hittites (had diplomatic contacts with Khattusilis III) could intervene in Khanigalbat, been Hurrian, making prisoner to their King Shattuara I, who imposed a strong tribute after take it prisoner to Assur. In a second intervention defeated Washshasatta, son of the previous, which allowed him to return to use the title of "King of all", proclaiming that his conquests ranging from Rapiqum to Elakhut. With its expansionist policy was able to create large areas of security around your city, Assur. He/She was succeeded on the throne by his son Shalmaneser I.