Biography of San Adalberto (ca. 956-997)

Bishop of Prague, born about the year 956 in Libice (Bohemia) and died in 997. Son of Slacnik, came from a noble family; during the period between 972 and 981 was the Archbishop's School of Magdeburg. In the year 982 he/she was elected Bishop of Prague, and a year later was devoted to him in Verona. In the year 900 he/she went to Rome, intending to take from there a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. He/She received the Benedictine habit in the monastery of St. Boniface and St. Alexis in Aventino.

On his return to Prague in 992, was directing the diocese until three years later. During this stage of his life, he/she founded a Benedictine monastery in Brevnov, close to Prague, but some conflicts that emerged in the latter city made him take refuge again in Aventino.

In 996 he/she made a pilgrimage to France, and turned towards the outskirts of Paris to visit the tombs of San Martín in Tours and San Dionisio in Saint Denis, as well as also the of Saint Benedict in Fleury. At the beginning of the year 997 Gniezo, in Poland, it was the Court of Bolesław, and in April of the same year, took the decision to go to evangelize the idolaters of Prussia. The 23rd of that month fell killed by the boruscios in the small town of Fischausen, today day would match Primorsk, town that was visited by the Pope Juan Pablo II in commemoration of the Millennium of the death of St. Adalberto. It is the titular Saint of Bohemia, Hungary and Poland.