Biography of Serafín Adame (1901-1982)

Journalist and Spanish writer born in Madrid in 1901 and died in the same city on January 4, 1979. In 1973 he/she received the Premio Nacional de Teatro.

Adame studied law and graduated in 1920, but he/she never practiced law because since his adolescence he/she had shown a great passion for writing. After some short stories, he/she published his first two short novels in the correspondence of Spain, newspaper where he/she began to write the drama critic and where he/she developed another of your professional passions, journalism. In 1922 he/she joined the template of the daily information as head of the literary section and combined his work in the newspaper with his work as a playwright.

In those twenty years he/she produced his first works, including the Prince Raudeck, written with Enrique Jardiel Poncela, author who collaborated on several occasions. He/She worked as screenwriter and cinema throughout his life wrote around seventy plays and operettas, among them Flitz in Princess, April fair in Seville, the bonfire, the band of Savoy, it Achanta, is good for you! and the renegade, and, in 1973, received the highest award of his career, the Premio Nacional de Teatro.

After leaving information, he/she moved the nation to take on film and musical criticism pages. In 1929, he/she founded his first magazine, Cosmopolis, precedent for other own impressions and comedies publications. Adame became a complete journalist able to master all the genres of the profession. The Press Association decorated him with the Medal of the professional work twenty-five years in office.

During the Spanish civil war he/she was sentenced to death by his membership in the Trade Union UGT and, after finishing the race, worked for Radiocinema and Torerias magazine. He/She ended his professional career in the village as a theatrical critic journal.