Biography of Bryan. Adams (???)

Singer and author of rock, Bryan Guy Adams born in Vancouver (Canada) in November 1959. Son of a few English immigrants, formed his first group in 1976. A year later began his professional relationship with bassist Jim Vallance, who quickly signed a contract with a subsidiary label of "A & M Records". During this time, he/she writes songs for people like Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Kiss and Bonnie Tyler, and even the Vallance, Prism group.

In 1980, Bryan formed his band and recorded an album that sees the light in Canada, with little impact, but which already marked the line to follow: a rock with pop melody that has characterized his style throughout his career. The following year, he/she recorded You Want It, You Got It, produced by Bob Clearmountain, already launched internationally. The disc marks the beginning of a career of hits, and is followed by Cuts Like Knife in 1983, although his first number one does not arrive until 1985 with "Heaven", single from the album Reckless. Much of the blame is due to its incorporation into a world tour with Tina Turner, after which managed to sell more than one million copies with your LP Into The Fire a couple of years later. A stylish fully AOR (Adult Oriented Rock, or rock aimed at an adult audience), his career continues without spectacular successes of sales, but very secure in their numbers, until the 1990s.

His career is re-launched dramatically with central themes of films (such as "Robin Hood" or "The three Musketeers"), rounded numbers one in half the world, with their albums reaping unusual sales figures. His last effort dates from the end of 1996, with the album entitled 18 ┬┤Til I Die, in his usual line.

The Canadian rocker continues in the gap driven by successes of recent years, and in the style of other famous names, in 1997 edits MTV Unplugged (live), album collecting a direct acoustic recorded in the music television network. Although his last two full-length have not reaped the previous record sales figures, has a legion of fans making their record releases and live performances from being tracked with great anticipation.

Latest Canadian artist recordings have been On a day like today (1998), Live at the Budokan (2003) and Room service (2004). The latter has the peculiarity that its themes were utilized in the rooms of the hotels during the world tour that took place more than two years, which made more than a hundred concerts in both cities (Madrid and Barcelona).

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