Biography of Geoge Adams (s. XVIII)

The name of two English instrumentalists, (born around 1704 and died in 1773) father and son (born in 1750 and died probably in 1795), whose scientific instruments, made in London, had great fame.

Self-taught, he/she rode a factory in London's Fleet Street, initially dedicated to the construction of astronomical spheres, which earned him the appointment of supplier of the company of the East Indies. Later it started to build microscopes, some so unique as a simple microscope of six adjustable lenses with a single screw. Their experiences emerged Micrographia Illustrata, published in 1746, and twenty years later wrote a treatise on the construction and the use of the terrestrial and astronomical spheres. His fame grew to become the Builder of scientific instruments of rey Jorge III, activity that continued the son to his death in 1773. The taller of the two was on the lintel motto Tycho Brahe s Head.