Biography of Michel Adanson (1727-1806)

Botanical and French traveler, descended from a Scottish family, born in Provence in 1727 and died in Paris in 1806. He was a disciple of RĂ©aumur and Bernardo de Jussieu, and his love of science was such that the twenty-one year undertook a journey to its coast in which visited the Azores and the Canary Islands, was to explore the shores of Senegal, and collected there immense wealth belonging to the three kingdoms of nature. Back to his homeland, he published the natural history of Senegal with a map of the country. Later he presented to the Academy of Sciences a memory about the baobad, whose gender received in his honor the name of Adansonia, tree whose dimensions were by fabulous and that Adamson could verify, finding them 30 feet in diameter. Successively he published another work with the title of plant families, a year later new method to learn to know the different families of plants and prepared a great number of materials for an encyclopedia of natural history that did not occur. He was the first to propose a natural classification of plants against Linnaean Systematics. He made several other trips to the French coasts of the ocean and the Mediterranean. At the time of the revolution he was appointed member of the Institute, and in attention to have stayed without fortune, a pension was designated him by the Government. Died at seventy-nine years after a long illness.