Biography of Eduardo Adaro y Magro (1848-1906)

Spanish architect born on February 6, 1848 and died on March 27, 1906. He/She worked throughout his life different charges although he/she noted primarily as associate architect of the Bank of Spain, after being an assistant architect of this institution. Notably, he/she directed the construction of the Bank of Spain's Madrid, in addition to various branches in other cities.

In addition to his connection to the Bank of Spain, also had other important positions, such as Professor of the school of architecture of Madrid, architect of the wine exhibition in Madrid in 1877, Member of the Board of Trustees of the Santa Rita correctional, Vice President of the society of hygiene, President of the Central society of architects, as well as being jury of several exhibitionscontests and competitions, and academician-elect of the Board of fine arts of San Fernando (see Royal Academy of fine arts of San Fernando).

His most important works include the churches of Periana, in Puente Piedra and that of Torre del Mar, the monument to Alfonso XII in Alhama, and two works of prisons: the correctional youth from Carabanchel and the prison on the island of Cabrera.

His work was awarded with several decorations; among them several gold medals at exhibitions of architecture, as well as be graced with the great cross of Alfonso XII and crosses of Knight and Commander of Carlos III.