Biography of Marvin Lee Aday (1948-VVVV)

American singer, most known com Meat Loaf (Cacho meat), born in Texas in 1948. He/She grew up in a family of gospel singers. To 1967 he/she moved to California and formed Meat Loaf Soul, later known as Popcorn Blizzard, who used to act as openers local people such as The Who and Iggy Pop. At the end of the year 1969, he/she joined the musical Hair; and, together with a woman named Stoney, who worked in the same work, published in 1971 What You See Is What You Get, the first single Meat Loaf, entering the U.S. charts.

Later it was introduced as a singer in musicals such as Rainbow (released in 1972), The Rocky Horror Show (1975), and Rockabye Hamlet (1976). But its release wouldn't until the year 1977, when he/she signed for Epic and released Bat Out Of Hell, which reached the fourth North American lists tenth place and ninth in the British, since he/she was in the latter by space of more than seven years, a record. In 1979 it intervenes in two movies, and until 1981 not released a second album, Deadringer, which occupied the top position in the British charts for two weeks. The single from the LP, Dead Ringer For Love, a Duet with Cher, managed to also reach the top five and check one of the best times of this artist. Midnight At The Lost And Found saw the light in 1983, and the collection Hits Out Of Hell, which reached the second position in the British charts, in 1985; with this brighter stage of the American singer was closed so far.

Already in the 1990s, and again with the producer who attempted so many hits you in the past (Jim Steinman), edit the Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell, which obtains a thunderous success; the theme I´d Do Anything For Love (But I Won´t Do That), included in this, was number one in the world in 1993.

After these successes, and already without his collaborator Jim Steinman, published in 1995 Welcome To The Neighbourhood, not getting the bombshell of his previous recording, but that as a result, makes it further into the limelight. In 1996 launched two direct American artist veteran, one edited in MCA Records with the title of Live, and another on the U.S. label Tommy Boy Records, this last call Live Around The World. To date these are the record movements of Marvin Lee Aday, but does nothing to indicate that they are the last of his career.

J.R. ten