Biography of Fleur Adcock (1934-VVVV)

New Zealand poet, born in Papakura. Five years after he/she left his country and went to England, where his father was educational work, so he/she had to pursue his studies in several schools in England, in which his father also was a teacher; Once back in New Zealand, he/she studied at the University of Victoria. Already a degree, worked for several years as a teacher and librarian (1958 and 1963), but decided to move to England, where he/she held a post of Assistant in the library of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Commonwealth until 1979, when he/she decided to dedicate himself to the task of writing. He/She began his literary career in 1964 with the publication in Wellington of a book of poems, the eye of the hurricane, part of which would become to edit in London under the title of Tigers (1967). His poetry, clear and serene, holds some ironic style, the writer has been applied to a wide variety of personal and social issues, as demonstrated by the publication of his next work, focused (1977), where it follows this same route, or his incidental book (1986), which include the poems dedicated to the children and men. Adcock has made an attempt to collect his poems, published in 1983 under the title of selected poems. One of their latest publications is temporary zone (1991), where faces and reflects on all kinds of problems, from personal issues to current political conflicts, through, for example, for its defense of the ecology in opposition to nuclear power. His poetry, therefore, is a display of technical precision which, together with its ironic, scathing, tone make reading comfortable and suggestive.