Biography of Jane Addams (1860-1935)

Sociologist and American social reformer, born in Cedarville (Illinois) in 1860 and died in Chicago in 1935.

He was the creator of a new discipline, social work, culminating with the creation, in 1889, of Hull House, first organization of housing at low cost in the United States, which she herself headed for forty-six years. The Full House, to which arrived every week more than three hundred people, offered a series of social benefits, unknown until then, such as nurseries, dining rooms, library, courses for learning, etc.

Supporter of the women's vote and pacifism, presided over the international women's Association for peace and freedom, whose popularity was so great that, just a year later, it had more than twenty-five thousand members since 1915. Their efforts to get women voters were satisfied when, in August 1920, the American Constitution recognized equality of vote for both sexes. In 1931 he won the Nobel Peace Prize, which could not collect in person due to his precarious state of health.