Biography of Enrique Addington (1755-1844)

Man of English State, born in 1755 and died in 1844. Although doctor, like his father, he/she devoted himself to politics, and closely attached to William Pitt, soared almost with the same speed than that. In 1782, he/she entered the House of Commons, where he/she supported Pitt against Fox. In may 1801, Pitt resigned the dignity of Chancellor of the echiquier in favour of his friend. He/She actively contributed to the conclusion of the peace of Amiens, which brought him great attacks of his opponents; However, when it judged necessary to break the peace, he/she was the first to claim hostile measures. The attacks, however, did not cease, and so it believed in the need to withdraw, as I verified it in 1804. Rey Jorge III who professed him great affection, named you with the title of Viscount. After the death of Pitt, it formed again with Fox and Grenville Ministry, but a few months later he/she dissolved that Ministry. He/She finally returned to enter the Cabinet in 1812, in charge of the portfolio of the interior, until the death of lord Castlereagh in 1822, at which time withdrew completely from public affairs, remaining so until his death.