Biography of King of Nukhashshe Addu-Nirari (ca. 1360 a.C.)

(A-ad-du-ni-ra-ri) King of Nukhashshe, country South of Aleppo (Syria) under the authority of Egypt at Amarna period. This circumstance is known by a letter that Addu-Nirari, appealing to the enthronement of his predecessor on the throne (Taku) by Thutmosis III (cited as Manahpiya), encourages the Pharaoh to act against the Hittites, who had offered an Alliance to which Addu-Nirari had refused. It is assumed that Addu-Nirari murdered another King of Nukhashshe, Sharupshi, when this, breaking their pacts with Tushratta of Mitanni, moved to the side of the Hittite King Suppiluliumas I. subsequently Addu - Nirari, together with other Kings of the area, conducted an expedition against Ugarit, inclined to the Hittite side city. This expedition was the pretext advanced by the Hittite King to seize all Syria. Addu-Nirari was succeeded by Takib-Sharri.