Biography of Santa. Emperatriz del Sacro Imperio Adelaida (940-999)

Daughter of the King of Burgundy, Rodolfo II, born towards the year 940. Very young he/she married and left a widow aged 18. He/She contracted a new marriage, with Otto I, and in the year 962 were crowned emperors of Rome, after having sworn the Emperor does not intrude on the jurisdiction of the Pope, and to defend the Church. The sudden death of her husband, in the 973 year, remained as the only son, Otto II Emperor.

Adelaide, with 42 years retired in Burgundy to start a new life of great perfection, directed by the Abbot of Cluny, St. Odilón. He/She ended his days piously on 16 December of the year 999, in the monastery of Sehl, on the banks of the Rhine. He/She is buried with her husband, Otto the great. Your party is December 16.