Biography of Federico Adelung (1768-1853)

German man of letters, born in Stettin 13 February 1768, and died in Petersburgo in 1843. Having entered to serve as Secretary to the count of Pahlen, was followed by Riga and Petersburgo, where there was leading the German Theatre. Then came into the Palace to give lessons in German to the two minor children of María Federowna, the Emperor and the Grand Duke Miguel, and as well fulfilled its mission, the Empress did not give evidence of benevolence while he/she lived, and entrusted his private library. He/She became Councillor of State and director of the establishment, dependent of the Asian Department of the Ministry of foreign business. His main works are: relationships between the Sanskrit language and the Russian, descriptions of Korsum doors in the Church of Santa Sofía de Novgorod, biography of the baron of Herberstein, biography of baron Meyerberg and essays on the literature of the Sanskrit language.