Biography of muchachos Adios (Película, 1987)

Franco-German-Italian film of the year 1987. Original title: Au revoir, les enfants.


In a French internal school children take refuge of the horror of the nazi occupation. Everything changes when a new student which will lead to a tragic episode.


When this film premiered at the Telluride Film Festival, Louis Malle, director, producer and screenwriter, cried. The memory, although exorcised through film, must have been for him very painful. On January 15, 1944 Malle, which it was then eleven years old and studying in a Catholic school near Paris, he/she witnessed how the local chief of the Gestapo arrested three Jewish students and the priest who had hidden them for a year. More than forty years later Malle reflects in his film about the impulses of childhood that lead to mature to force mistakes, some of them fatal.

The title refers to the departure of that priest, Father Jacques (Father Jean in the film), who left the school in the hands of the nazis. But the meaning goes far beyond. It symbolizes the sudden end of childhood and innocence that accompanied him. The character of Julian Quentin (Gaspard Manese) is the alter ego cinema's own trunk. It does not attempt to justify using it for mistakes; Moreover, it says that the parallelism of the events is not exact, but that identification between director and character is required to explain the confusion of the concept of Nazism in the mind of a child. The loss of innocence is present in many moments of history, some more significant than others. However, it is not immersed in horror; just leave to the Viewer as Intuit, just with a gesture or a Word to that characters (those children which will cease to be) will realize that nothing will ever be the same again.

The prospect of so many years gives Malle reflection needed to challenge to oblivion. Convert certain scenes in fiction does not mean obscure them, but wrap the viewer into a story real by its context and noticeable by your customization. Goodbye, boys was nominated for best film and best screenplay. Malle picked up the prize for best European film at the Bodil Festival, and the BAFTA British Academy Best Director.

Technical and artistic tab

Nationality: France, Germany, Italia.produccion: Nouvelles Editions de Film, Marin Karmitz, Stella Film, N.E. Film, RAI. 1.Direccion: Louis Malle.Guión: Louis Malle.Fotografía: Renato Berta.Música: Camille Saint-Saëns, Franz Schubert.Montaje: Emmanuelle Castro.interpretes: Gaspard Manesse, Raphaël Fejtö, Francine Racette, Stanislas Carré de Malberg.duracion: 107 min.Procedure: Color.