Biography of Isabelle Adjani (1955-VVVV)

Actress in film and theater, born in Paris on June 27, 1955.


From a very young started to show that his life was destined to the interpretation. After a few early little scholars, in which fourteen years already worked in two films and television, came into the Comédie Française in order to learn the technique that every actor must have when wanting to be somebody in the field of interpreting. He/She was educated in works of all kinds, although its name only began to be recognized after his appearances in works like Ondine, Giradoux, wise women, Molière, or the House of Bernarda Alba by Lorca.

In the film he/she started, already professionally, with a generational problem in the slap of Claude Pinoteau, and immediately surprised with the role of Adèle Hugo, daughter of the famous writer, which crosses Europe after an unrequited love. The film, directed by François Truffaut (diary of Adèle H.) characterized the factions of an actress apparently fragile, but immense in the feelings that emerge from the inside, to soon called the attention of the viewer of the time; precisely the role that played years later in Nosferatu, the vampire of the night, confirmed this assessment.

Isabel is an identified with European quality cinema actress, perhaps because after his works were not only Truffaut, but also Polanski, Téchiné, Herzog, Zulawski, and later Besson and Chereau.

His American experience was not fruitful, as in Driver, Walter Hill, and Ishtar, Elaine May, it just ceased to be a character who roams stories without intentions.

France, its country of origin, has been the market which has better valued their contributions, most slow processes of interpretative maturity, because the actress has always wanted to give the best of his work in the roles offered. For this reason, he/she never wanted to have a prolific career; He/She preferred less movies and more quality in their characters. Viewers and critics are those who, largely, they waited each new contribution, because in the assumed roles he/she projected an inner work worthy of all praise.

In 1985, he/she founded his own production company, the Lilith Films, which carried out the passion of Camille Claudel, of Bruno Nuytten. In addition to receiving several "cesar" of the French Academy of cinema, it was nominated for the Oscar for diary of Adele H. and passion of Camille Claudel.


1969: Le petit bougnat.1971: Faustine ou le bel ete.1974: the slap; Espace zero.1975: Diary of Adele H.1976: the chimerical tenant; Barocco; Violette et francois.1977: Driver.1978: Nosferatu, vampire of the noche.1979: Las hermanas bronte.1980: possession; The passion d'Alfred; Clear et les chic types.1981: Quartet; L' année prochaine if tout va bien.1982: Tout feu, tout flamme; Antonieta.1983: Mortelle Randonnée; Summer asesino.1985: Subway.1987: Ishtar.1988: the passion of Camille Claudel.1993: Toxic Affair.1994: La Reine Margot. 1996: Diabolic. 1998: Paparazzi. 2000: The Dame aux Camélias. 2002: the repentant; Adolphe. 2003: Bon Voyage; Monsieur Ibrahim et les Fleurs du Coran. 2006: Marie Stuart. 2008: Figaro. 2009: La Journée of the jupe.