Biography of King of Egipto Adjib (ca. 2995 a.C.)

(Adj-ib or (n) dj-ib) Egyptian King of the first dynasty tinita, son of Den. Manetho called him Niebais or Miebis, no doubt such a King, Merpebia nebty name corruption. The Saqqara list puts Adjib as founder of the I dynasty, but had to occupy the sixth place on the order of reign. Still discussed the duration of his Government and the legitimacy of his person. He/She apparently ruled some ten years, while the Palermo stone, which has conserved part of the annals of such a King, alludes to more than fourteen. In any case, the long reign of his predecessor, Den, motivated Adjib reached the throne already in advanced age. Soon celebrated a Sed party, from which we have received references thanks to sent inscriptions record in vessels of stone, in which puts his name behind the Den and thus emphasizes their dynastic legitimacy. Among the highlights of his reign are designated a victory over the iuntios, a census (considered by some as the first in the history of Egypt) and a campaign against Urka, of unknown location. Foundations of cities, palaces (such as that built in Memphis) and religious festivals complete the facts of his reign. His tomb at Abydos is not particularly important; It was, however, buried in the necropolis of Saqqara, where has been detected a mastaba of his own. A usurper, who ordered to destroy virtually all the monuments of Adjib succeeded him on the throne Semerkhet I, probably.