Biography of Dankmar Adler (1844-1900)

German architect, representative of the Art Nouveau, born on July 3, 1844 in Stadtlengsfeld (in Prussia, current Germany) and died on April 16, 1900 in Chicago (United States).

Trained as an architect and engineer, he/she emigrated to the United States in 1854. Installed in Detroit, he/she opened a Studio of architecture in 1857. A few years later moved to Chicago, city in which began to work in the study of Augustus Bauer.La American civil war interrupted his career, and back to Chicago, in 1865, held on different positions in the studies of Bauer, A.J. Kinney and Edward Burling.Su first major project was the Central Music Hall in Chicago, where he/she first put into practice their knowledge of acoustics.

In 1881 he/she associated with Louis Sullivan; both founded one of the most prestigious and influential American architecture associations. Under the firm Adler & Sullivan conducted a series of commercial buildings which laid the foundations of the new principles of modern architecture. In the large auditorium for the city of Chicago (1886-1893) carried a multifunctional building, which, in addition to the Auditorium, housed a hotel, offices and commercial premises. Other works of the firm were Walker Warehouse in Chicago (1852-1889), the Wainuright Building (1890-1891) and the Guaranty Building in Buffalo (1894-1899). In the Association Adler acted as designer, which has determined that it is framed it within the trend of Art Nouveau, and as an administrator, while Sullivan was in charge of planning and developing the project.This fruitful partnership ended in July of 1895.Adler wrote extensively on technical and legal aspects of architecture and construction. Her most influential article was "The influence of glass and steel in the construction and its role in the development of the modern style".


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