Biography of Felix Adler (1851-1933)

Educator and American reformer of German origin, born on 13 August 1851 in Alzey (Germany) and died in New York on April 24, 1933.

Son of a Rabbi, Adler emigrated to the United States with his family in 1856 and graduated from Columbia College in 1870. After studying at the universities of Berlin and Heidelberg, he/she obtained the post of Professor of Hebrew and oriental literature at Cornell University (New York), until in 1902 he/she was appointed Professor of social and political ethics at Columbia University.

In 1876 he/she founded in New York society for ethical culture, which marked the beginning of the so-called "movement ethical" (Ethical Movement), who was Adler founder, and whose objective was to highlight the importance of the moral factor in all relationships of life from a point of view of secular, far removed from any kind of theological or religious consideration. He/She was also the founder of various institutions (workingman's completo School, Fieldston School) aimed at the dissemination of ethics and morality as a way of life.

Adler was instrumental in various movements for social reform, such as the erection of houses model host and the abolition of child labour. His writings include Creed and Deed (1877), The Moral Instruction of Children (1892), The World Crisis and Its Meaning (1915), An Ethical Philosophy of Life (1918) and The Reconstruction of the Spiritual Ideal (1923). He/She was also the editor of the publication International Journal of Ethics.