Biography of Larry Adler (1914-2001)

Harmonica virtuoso, born in Baltimore (United States) on February 10, 1914 and died 6 August 2001, whose importance lies in being the first, and so far almost the only, try to bring your instrument to the world of classical music.

He started his musical life playing the harmonica and piano by ear in theatres of magazine at the age of thirteen. Only in 1940, with almost thirty, he/she decided to receive a regular education, carried out with Ernst Toch. In 1949, after being accused by the press of what then "UN-American activities" was called, settled in England for a few years. His virtuosity attracted several composers who wrote works dedicated to the art of Larry Adler "deliberate". Such is the case of Darius Milhaud (Suite for harmonica and Orchestra by 1945), Sir Ralph Vaughan Williams (Romance), Paul Hindemith, etc.