Biography of King of Israel Adonías (ca. 1050 a.C.)

(Adonyyahu) Fourth son of King David of Israel and his wife Haggit, born in Hebron. To be appointed his younger brother, Salomon, as successor to the throne, Adonijah was thought to be more entitled and did not hesitate to confront his brother. Before the attempt of Adonijah proclaimed sovereign with the clearance of the Supreme priest Ebyatar and the help of the general Joab in Rogel, Solomon partisans (among them, the Prophet Nathan, the high priest Sadoq and the head of the Royal Guard Banayas) managed the consent of David, now elderly, of that entronizara it quickly. While they celebrated the election, Adonijah did not hesitate to flee and take refuge in the Tabernacle. His brother forgave him and demanded his submission, but before a new attempt to seize the throne, for which it had demanded to marry Abishag, the last of the wives of his father David, Solomon gave order to Banayas that give him death.