Biography of Françoise Adret (1920-VVVV)

Dancer, choreographer and ballet master French, born in Versailles on August 7, 1920.

He was student of Madame Rousanne, Victor Gsovsky, Nora Kiss and Sergei Lifar. In 1943, he/she began his professional career as a dancer with recitals, and began to perform choreographies as Conjuration (1948). He/She was teacher of Les Ballets de Paris de Roland Petit and the Ballet of the Opera of Holland, company that also went from 1954. Barbaresque (1960) for the London Festival Ballet, first performed by André Prokovskycreated. Between 1968 and 1980 was stable choreographer of the Ballet du Théâtre Contemporain of Amiens, for which he/she created Aquatheme (Malec, 1968), Eonta (Xenakis, 1969), Requiem (Ligeti, 1971) and La Follia di Orlando (Petrassi, 1972), among others. In 1969 he/she presented with this company at the VIII Festival of dance in Madrid. It was named Artistic Director of the Lyon Ballet in 1980.