Biography of Papa Adriano IV (1154-1159)

The only English Pope has ruled the Church. He was born in Langley (1100) and died at Anagni (1159), its original name was Nicholas Breakspear, and was the son of a poor clergyman of San Albán. It was natural of Abbots-Langley (Hertford). He studied in Paris and Arles, entered as a servant in the convent of the canons of San Rufo, in 1137, he became Abbot, thanks to your wisdom and virtue. The Pope Eugenio III awarded him the cap of Cardinals, the Bishop of Albano (1146), and sent him as legate to Denmark and Norway, where he founded the first Archbishop of Upsal; He was exalted to the throne by his success in carrying out his mission. He succeeded Pope Anastasius IV. He held the papacy from 1154 to 1159. Famous for the defence of papal supremacy, he kept the Papal tradition that rulers received the sovereignty of the Pope, therefore, were subordinate to him. It maintained its principles of sovereign Pontifical authority at all times; claiming that all the islands belonged to the Holy See, authorized Enrique I of England to conquer Ireland, under the condition that all houses on the island paid an annual tribute to him. He began the enmity of the papacy with the rule of the Hohenstaufen, which lasted during the reign of his successor, Alejandro III.