Biography of Endre Ady (1877-1919)

Hungarian poet. He/She was born in Ermindszent and died in Budapest. He/She traveled to Paris in 1904 and met the European cultural vanguard. He/She edited the magazine Nyugat (West), progressive publication that helped Hungary to renew itself culturally. He/She lived in Paris for several years, where was in contact with the Symbolist poets, and reflected their progressive ideology in numerous books, posed by a renewal of the content and language of Hungarian poetry. His poems are grouped in the following books: new poems, 1905; Blood and gold, 1918; I would like to be loved, 1910; The head of the dead, 1918. His latest poems were collected in a posthumous volume, the last ships, 1932. In all his verses we can see the clear French Symbolist influences. He/She is the author of short stories, essays and newspaper articles.