Biography of Dionisio Augusto Affre (1793-1848)

Archbishop of Paris; He/She was born in Saint-Rome de Tarn in 1793 and died in Paris in 1848. He/She began his career teaching philosophy at the Seminary of Nantes; in 1820 he/she entered chaplain at the Hospice of Exposito of Paris; He/She agreed the following year to the post of vicar of the Diocese of Luzon, newly established, and in 1823 to the Amiens with the same charge. He/She remained in it until 1834, it was to occupy a canonry, who enjoyed not long, because in the same year, it was added to the Church of Paris as titular canon and vicar general of Strasbourg, but failed to occupy that post, because having died the Archbishop of Paris, was proclaimed vicar general chapter, and five months later he/she was appointed Archbishopreplacing M. de Quélen, deceased, to be enshrined in our Lady of August 6, 1840. That dignity continued until the events of 1848; having broken the insurrection of June, he/she received a letter that made sure that his presence could avoid, perhaps, the shedding of blood, and the moment went to the site of the bout despite being warned the danger that would run. Its presence, in effect, suspended the fight, but you begin to talk about the Archbishop, rang a shot, and the insurgents, believing themselves sold, did fire on the mobile guard, which replied in the same way. a bullet went to mortally wound M. Afre, who immediately surrounded workers ensuring that the mobile guards had been wounded and that they vengarían him: "No friends, he/she replied," not me avenge! What my blood is the last that spill!" Few hours later died and the Assembly decreed magnificent funeral that became the following July 7. He/She wrote a number of notable works, among which the following can be cited: tried the temporary administration of the parishes; Treaty of elementary schools or manual for teachers, and teachers; Critical and historical essay on the origin, progress and decline of the temporary supremacy of the Popes; Treaty of the ownership of church property; Philosophical introduction to the study of Christianity.