Biography of King of la taifa de Almería Aflah (ca. 970-1014)

King of the taifa of Almeria born to 970 and died in Almeria in July 1014. Between 1010 and 1014 he/she shared power the Almería with other Governors until he/she was defeated and killed by Jayran.

Aflah was a saqaliba of Slavic origin. In August of 1010 shared power in Almeria with Abd al - Rahman ibn Rawis, both recognizing the sovereignty of the Caliphate of Córdoba, but soon started the dissensions between the two e Ibn Rawis left Almeria and settled in Pechina, where he/she was killed. From 1011 Aflah shared the Government of Almería with Ibn Hamid and immediately both competed for the power; the first General Chronicle of Spain and la crónica de don Rodrigo Ximénez de Rada count as struggles between the two involved the abid, likely designation of black slaves. In July of 1014 Ibn Hamid asked the help of Jayran defeating Aflah and this went to Almeria with several squadrons of cavalry. Aflah and his family took refuge in the fortress of the city during the twenty days the siege. When he/she entered the fortress Jayran killed Aflah and his family and made to throw their bodies into the sea. Since that time Jayran became sovereign of Almeria.


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