Biography of Karim Aga Khan IV (1936-VVVV)

Political and spiritual leader of the nizaritas, born in Geneva (Switzerland) on December 13, 1936 (28 of ramdan of 1355 according to the Muslim calendar). His real name is Karim ('Karwm'), this name which was imposed on it by his mother. Karim Aga Khan IV was the son of Ali ('Alw') Khan (Ambassador of Pakistan to the United Nations) and Joan Ali Khan, and therefore grandchild and heir of Aga Khan III.

His grandfather, ('Ega') Aga Khan III, moved with his family to Switzerland during the second world war. Aga Khan III was a contradictory man, since at the time who became one of the most important political figures in the Arab world in the interwar period, he/she laid the Foundation of the League panmusulmana of the India and he/she presided over the League of Nations, had no qualms about accepting the gift of his exact weight in gold which the faithful made it every year and which allowed him to amass one of the biggest fortunes of the world.

Since his grandfather will return to Switzerland, Karim went to reside in various places in Europe. He/She soon got in touch with the business world and became a prestigious business man.

At four years of age, Karim, his family staff initiated his basic education at the hands of her governess Miss Doris Lyon, friend. He/She studied at the prestigious Harvard University. On 13 July 1957 he/she succeeded his grandfather, Aga Khan III, to the detriment of his father Ali Khan, and was officially proclaimed in the village Tanzanian Dar es Salaam following on October 19. Currently, Karim Aga Khan IV, is the spiritual leader of 15 million Nazari Ismaili Muslims, who believe he/she is the direct descendant of Ali, the son-in-law of Mahoma married his daughter Fatima; and, therefore, its representation in the land. The Aga Khan IV is the Imam of the Shia cuadragesimoseptimo.

During the second World War (1939-1945), when his father, Prince Alí Salomón Khan offered his support to the allies, the Aga Khan IV and his brother Prince Amyn Muhammad, accompanied by his mother, the Princess Joan Aly Khan, marched to Beirut, and from there, via Cairo, to Nairobi. This city on May 27, 1941 they arrived and remained in it for four years.

In those moments the Aga Khan IV had just seven years old, despite which it already possessed a deep knowledge of Islam, through the efforts of his tutor Kaderali B. Patel. In 1943 the Aga Khan IV made his first public appearance as a religious leader to lead the prayer of Eid al - Fitr in the midst of a large Congregation of Ismaili Jamatkhana in. The following year visited in 1944 visited Dar es Salaam along with his mother and his brother.

In May 1945, at the end of the second world war, the Aga Khan IV again toured Europe and resided in Switzerland. In this country he/she enrolled in the prestigious school Le Rosey, in Rolle. In the elitist Swiss school shared studios with characters such as the Duke of Kent, the future King Baudouin of Belgium or the Prince Victor Manuel de Italia among others. The Aga Khan learned of hands of his personal tutor, Mustapha Kamal of the Aligarh University, Arabic, urdu and Islamic history; which joined the common teachings of the Swiss school gave him a good education. At eighteen he/she left school Le Rosey School to enter Harvard University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he/she stood as a good student. Their way of life at Harvard, despite the huge family fortune, surprised by his extreme frugality, had little clothes and money and didn't even have own car. Passing through Harvard University was marked by its naturalness in dealing with his fellow teachers and studies, as well as its significance in the intellectual field like a good student, even privileged on the general average. He/She took part in numerous activities, always in reference to the Arab world and Islamic culture. It also highlighted as a good athlete, especially in hockey, football, and skiing.

Initially, the Aga Khan IV studied mathematics, chemistry and science; but he/she soon began to be interested in the study of Islamic history. He/She befriended the likes of H.A.R. Gibb, Philip K. Hitti teachers. His work cults and Islamic mysticism, was much appreciated by the teachers. Another work, entitled free will and predestination in Islam, unfinished because of his hasty departure from Harvard.

In 1954, the Aga Khan IV, following the wishes of his grandfather, took a trip by a number of African countries and the eastern region of India, along with his brother.

When on July 11, 1957 died the Aga Khan III, the family was in Geneva. Otto Giesen, Attorney at the firm Slaughter and May, was commissioned to take to Geneva from London, the last will of the Aga Khan III. The late imam had the right to freely choose his successor between all their offspring, and consider that the times were changing at high speed, decided to choose his grandson Karim, ("son of my own son, Aly Salomone Khan"), on the grounds that it was which was more prepared to deal with the new challenges that the Ismaili were going to have to deal with.

Due to his rise to the UAE in 1957, when he/she was just 20 years old, he/she had to abandon his studies at Harvard for a year, in order to complete all the ritual of his new position and perform a series of required visits to the various Ismaili communities in the world. They took place a number of ceremonies in Dar is Salaam, Nairobi, Kampala, Karachi and Bombay. For a total of 18 months he/she was traveling without a break, and after which he/she returned to Harvard. In 1959 he/she graduated with honors from Harvard University.

His departure from the University created a $50,000 scholarship for students from Middle East, Africa, Pakistan, India, Iran and Afghanistan.

Pose one of the greatest fortunes in the world, and has a number of mansions in various countries, which always have the same conditions of habitability so that it is not easy to know in which one Aga Khan is located at each time, since there are many groups interested in his death.

As businessman, Aga Khan is the major partner in the Italian financial Fimpar, which took control of the Ciga Hotel Group and created and promoted the Emerald Coast, in Sicily, meeting place of high society world. In 1967, he/she created a foundation that bears his name, and of which he/she is the Chairman. Since the founding, Karim Aga Khan collaborates with the United Nations development programmes and carry out important philanthropic work. He/She is the President of an impressive business and financial framework which reports huge annual profits that has not only maintained the fortune by his grandfather, but that it has been able to increase it.

He was married with Salima Aga Khan in which he/she divorced and with whom he/she had three sons, the eldest of whom is the Princess Zahra, followed by the Princes Rahim and Hussain. Aga Khan has sown uncertainty over his succession by declaring: "traditionally, the imam has always been a male. But it should not be forgotten that he/she retains the right to choose between all its descendants". That be true, and declare his daughter Zahra as successor, would launch a precedent in the Schism, since it has never been headed by a woman.