Biography of Carolina Agazzi (1870-1945)

Italian pedagogue, born in Volongo (Cremona) in 1870, and died in his hometown in 1945. For much of his professional life, he/she worked in the company of his sister, the prestigious educator and essayist Rosa Agazzi, in haven Mompiano (Brescia), where both developed an effective and modern educational system that revolutionized the forms of education practiced until then in Italy. In General, their pedagogical proposals started from the work done in Germany by Friedrich Fröbel, the famous founder of the so-called "kindergartens", but conveniently adapted to the Catholic mentality of the transalpine country. In this method the sisters Agazzi protruding three innovations that revolutionized all educational systems practiced until then: Defense wishful thinking of the active participation of the learner in all projects of the reception centre; the reduction to a minimum of hardness in the internal regulations; and, above all, the waiver of warm and friendly that had to seek the integration of the young in most seemed to the cellular unit of society: the family.

The pedagogical ideas of the sisters Agazzi were printed in the books he/she published most of them. (For further information about his work, see the article dedicated to the figure of Rosa Agazzi.)