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Biography of Filippo d' Aglié (1604-1667)

Dancer, choreographer, writer, musician and ballet master Italian, born in 1604 and died in 1667, whose full name was Filippo d' Aglié di San Martino.

Descendant of a noble family related to the arts, d' Agliè was initially educated as politically and militarily, but soon his love of art led him to study music and dance. He/She was teacher of dance at the Court of Turin, where to put staged numerous ballets de cour, including: Ballet des Montagnards (d' Agliè, 1631), at the request of Cardinal Maurizio di Savoia, Il Tabacco (d' Agliè, 1650), and Ballet du grey Lin (d' Agliè, 1653), interpreted by the Princes of Savoy and the author himself.