Biography of Giovanni [abuelo] Agnelli (1866-1945)

Italian businessman, founder of the Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (FIAT). He/She was born in Piedmont, Italy. He/She studied at the Military Academy, where he/she attained the degree of cavalry officer. In 1899 he/she became first Secretary of the FIAT, which was founded by a group of Italian millionaires determined to fight against the growing threat of the French automobile industry. Compared to most of his colleagues, interested in the manufacture of special models to win races, he/she managed to impose its idea of manufacturing cars in series on a large scale. Thus he/she laid the foundations of what, it is currently the largest industrial complex in Italy. Under the autocratic leadership of Agnelli, FIAT came to dominate the automotive branch; It penetrated into all fields of heavy industry, and came to build ships and warplanes.

He was elected Senator in 1923. And in 1932 he/she traveled to Russia to install factories of castings. After the second world war, FIAT was chosen for mounting, virtually alone, automotive of the former Soviet Union. Agnelli died in 1945, succeeded him in the direction of the company his collaborator, Vittorio Valletta, until 1966, year in which his heir and grandson, Giovanni Agnelli, reached the Presidency. Since then, it has continued growing and fostering the relationship that began his grandfather, and now FIAT expected to play a decisive role in the recently liberalized Soviet market. Currently, FIAT is present in more than one hundred Italian and foreign companies.