Biography of Spiro Theodor Agnew (1918-1996)

American politician, born in Baltimore, on November 9, 1918. He/She was the son of an owner of a restaurant of Greek origin.

He studied law at the University of Baltimore. In 1944, he/she served in the forces armed of the United States, France and Germany. After his demobilization he/she was Chief of staff of a large chain of food stores and later went on to a position at an insurance company.Because of the war in Korea was called to arms for one year and five military medals is awarded. Upon his return to civilian life he/she joined a Cabinet of lawyers in Baltimore, and shortly after began in politics.It first held the position of director of the National Association of accounts and then it was elected Governor of his home State in the year 1968 1966.En the Republican presidential candidate, Richard Nixon, chose it to be his Vice President. Success accompanied the Republican team and in the presidential election, Agnew became the thirty-nine Vice President of States Member Unidos.Fue in addition to the Office of the National Council of security and Internal Affairs Council. He/She was also President of the economic policy Committee of Cabinet and National Council of Aeronautics and the Espacio.Agnew resigned as Vice President in 1973 after being found guilty of a charge of tax evasion.After his resignation, was expelled from the College of Abogados.En 1995 was honored by the United States Senate; He/She was discovered in this building a bust of marble in his honor for being President of the Senate, a responsibility that corresponds to the Vice Presidents of States Unidos.Agnew was married with Elionor Judefind, and was the father of four children.