Biography of Silvano Agosti (1938-VVVV)

Director of Italian cinema, born in Brescia on March 23, 1938.


Perhaps it was one of his most autobiographical films, Uova di garofano (1992), which showed most accurate way the ideology of Agosti. Too young to understand the war, but perfectly receptive to suffer after-effects, the Italian director, a supporter of the left, it peaked the solidarity and defended the proletariat on more than one occasion throughout his filmography. Agosti favorite adopted the fable as one of its narrative choices. Used it in N.P. il segreto (1971), a futuristic story with an eye-catching cast that is located Ingrid Thulin, Irene Papas and Paco Rabal. With the same narrative intention of marking a departure from realistic stories, and he/she made use of dreams and symbolic, to award one of its protagonists the name of crime. Despite this apparent attention to a very specific form of story, Agosti stated on several occasions that his interest was more cinematic Visual elements that narrative choice.

In addition to directing the film, Agosti played tasks of scriptwriter, director of photography and editor. In his work as a documentary filmmaker, he/she left titles such as Brescia (1974) or Runaway America (1982). Agosti was also interested in television. The macchina cinema (1978) won the FIPRESCI (Prize awarded by the press) at the Berlin Festival, once again giving the opportunity to co-direct with Bellocchio, Petraglia and Rulli, with whom he/she shares titles like crazy unleash (1975) or Matti da stegare (1975).


As director:

1967: Il giardino delle delizie.1971: N.P. il segreto (also screenwriter). 1975: crazy unleash (Co-Director); Matti da stegare (Co-Director). 1976: Nei piĆ¹ alto dei cieli.1982: Runaway America.1987: Quartiere (and screenwriter and director of photography). 1992: Uova di garofano (and screenwriter). 1995: L'UOMO proiettile.1998: La seconda infanzia.

As Editor:

1995: i pugni di tasca.1975: Skarseld (and director of photography). 1978: Forza Italy!

Works for television:

1974: Brescia (documentary, director). 1977: Il gabbiano (editor). 1978: La macchina cinema (director and screenwriter). 1984: D'amore if you live (director).