Biography of Giacomo Agostini (1947-VVVV)

Italian motorcyclist, has the palmares broadest ever in the speciality, with sixteen world titles, surpassing the thirteen that, almost in the same years, the Spanish Angel Nieto, had achieved while the Spanish piloted in small displacements and the Italian in large. MV Agusta pilot, in his first season on the World Cup (1966) was runner-up at 500 and 350 DC, becoming the youngest champion of the world the following year, where he/she won the 500 c.c. world. From that moment, it would begin a campaign of triumphs that would take him to get ten world titles from 1968 to 1972 (in 350 and 500 c.c.) always driving with MV Agusta, against the increasingly tougher opposition from the Japanese bikes. It lost 350 world title in 1973 at the hands of his teammate Phil Read, later abandoning his team by sporting rivalry with this. Signed by the Japanese teams, he/she ran the last years of his career with Yamaha, which even in its sports decline achieved four more world, closing with the 500 c.c. World Championship in 1975. Got, in total, sixty-eight victories in major awards of the World Championship of 500 c.c.


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