Biography of Miguel Agrícola (¿-1557)

Finnish theologian born in Pernaga at the beginning of the sixteenth century and died in Kuolomajarvi (Russia) in the year 1557.

He studied at the University of Wittemberg, where he/she received the teachings of Martín Luther. He/She was a supporter of the German reformer, as well as his disciple of Melanchthon. He/She shared his ideas of change and began the Protestant Reformation in Finland. King Gustavo I of Sweden appointed him Bishop of Turku-Abo. He/She also received the Mission of preaching Christianity among the Lapps.

His work ABC (1542) is recognized as the first work printed in Finnish language. In 1544 he/she published a prayer book or Ritual Lutheran. In 1548 he/she published the translation of the New Testament. The fact of being the first author with work printed in Finnish gives you recognition as father of the literature of the country.