Biography of Benigno Aguado de Castro (1925-VVVV)

Bullfighter Spanish, born January 16, 1925 in Alcobendas (Madrid). He/She came to the planet of the bulls thanks to the chat on bullfighting is summoning the tailoring of his uncle, the famous tailor of Cazorla, where the younger Benigno exercised dependent before deciding to dress up as lights. Encouraged by the bulls that were at such gatherings, Benigno Aguado has donned his first suit of lights on September 14, 1942, in the small town of Avila of Navalperal de Pinares; but, despite the bullfighting atmosphere in that unfolded, did not get the necessary supports so that his name appear in most cartels, which sentenced him to foguear by small provincial seats where his toreo was going unnoticed.

However, it took the first time inviting you to be known in a truly important square. Indeed, at the end of the 1943 season got an important victory in a bullfight that took place on the sands of Zaragoza, which allowed him to confront the campaign of 1944 in cimeros positions of the novilleril ladder. So things during that year took part in thirty-five celebrations, while a serious fuck (suffered in Bilbao, may 8) had him away from the arenas for several weeks. However, although his name acquired a resonance that was to lead to his PhD in the following campaign, made the mistake not to lavish on the hem of the Villa Court, whose sand it stepped only on October 26, 1944, in the course of a festival.

It took the mentioned alternative on April 2, 1945, in the sands of the city, sponsored by the Madrid matador José Mejías Jiménez ("Pepe Bienvenida"); which, under the watchful eye of the coletudo Mexican Carlos Ruiz Camino ("Carlos Arruza"), who appeared as a witness, ceded the junk that was to undertake the lidia and muerte del toro ignorant, Doña Carmen de Federico iron marked. Also the gentleman Portuguese rejoneador could attest to the doctorate of Benigno Aguado de Castro Simão da Veiga, who led the paseíllo of that celebration.

Month and a half later, Benigno Aguado appeared in the plaza Monumental de Las Ventas, willing to confirm to his countrymen the conditions which entitle you as a doctor in bullfighting. It was, at the time, on May 15, 1945, date in which shared the poster with the complutense sword Luis Gómez Calleja ("student"), making the times's Godfather, and with the Seville matador José Martin-vazquez Bazán ("Pepe - or - Pepín Martín Vázquez"), who witnessed this confirmation. He/She played that afternoon a closure that had been grazed in the pastures of Buendia.

From then on, luck was contrary to Benigno Aguado, a bullfighter who accused as few novillero pass to the upper ranks. During the campaign of 1945 he/she signed only six settings, and three in 1946 to end bullfighting just two runs next season. It went up something flying in the campaign of 1949, which made the paseíllo on eight occasions (although almost all of them on Portuguese soil), to sign only two contracts in 1949. Aware of its decline, he/she renounced his doctorate and was proposed to restart his career as a novillero bullfighter, without renouncing the commitments with the square in Madrid now, inescapable test for all those who aspire to be figure of bullfighting. And, indeed, to title of truant returned to do the paseíllo through the plaza Monumental de sales arena, on April 2, 1950. But already not he/she treasured the strength that had decorated him during their early years, and was gradually being relegated by the fans, until it was definitively cut the queue.