Biography of Dionisio Aguado y García (1784-1849)

Guitarist and Spanish composer, born in Madrid on April 8, 1784, considered, together with Fernando Sor, as Spotlight teacher of the guitar, between the end of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th century. Studied humanities and paleographer of the Council of Castile. It began in the technique of guitar with his father, and then under the direction of fray Manuel García (father Basilio). In order to achieve greater perfection moved in 1825 to Paris, city where he/she was a disciple of the Barcelona maestro Fernando Sor, who composed the Duet for guitars two friends, work that used to be performed by both. His recitals in the French capital were a great success and gave him known throughout Europe. He/She cultivated the friendship of famous musicians, such as Rossini, Paganini, Berg and Bellini. In addition to concert guitarist, it was remarkable composer of works for this instrument; some of his first productions were published in France. Aguado compositions include three brilliant rondos, collection of 45 waltzes, walking 10 and 6 minuets, minuet afandangado with variations, a recasting of the Grand only sister, written variations and two collections of dances. Aguado guitar studies are considered as its fundamental work.

In 1838, he/she returned to Spain, which was engulfed in the first Carlist War. Already in Madrid, dedicated to teaching and composition. He/She died in the Spanish capital on December 20, 1849 and bequeathed in testament to his beloved disciple, Ignacio Agustín Campo, the two most valuable guitars he/she possessed.


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