Biography of Fermín Aguayo (1926-1977)

Spanish painter, born in Sotillo de la Ribera (Burgos) in 1926 and died in Paris in 1977. During the first years of his professional career he/she resided in Zaragoza, where he/she was member of the Group El Portico since 1947, with lagoons, Baque Ximenez, Duce, Vicente García, López caves, Losada Pérez and Pérez Piqueras. After this experience, in 1949 he/she founded the Group School of Zaragoza, with Laguardia and lagoons. In 1952 he/she moved to Paris, where he/she lived until his death; There he/she carried out an intense artistic work, under the patronage of the Jeanne Bucher Gallery.

After a few early within the figuration, with a certain expressionist spirit, began to cultivate the abstraction in 1947. In the early 1950s, his work denotes a constructive sense inherited from Cubism, but maintains the expressive character of his previous work. Subsequently, returned to figuration, with a certain neo-expressionism of matter flat and schematic forms and soft and bright colors.

In February 2005 the Museum National Reina Sofia held an anthological exhibition of the author, in collaboration with the Provincial Council of Zaragoza, which exposed eighty of his paintings of their stage in the gantry group.


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