Biography of santa Águeda (230-251)

Virgin and martyr Sicilian, born in Catania to the 230 and about died in 251, in the same city. Promised in marriage to Quintian, Governor of the island, it did not accept by have been consecrated to God from his childhood. From this negative, the sources speak of different races which ended with his martyrdom during the persecution of Decius. Agatha was entrusted to a such Afrodisia that tried to persuade her for 30 days. Presented again to the Court of Quintian, declared Christian and he/she was sentenced to prison. After a few days it was led again to the Court and subjected to new questioning. He/She returned to refuse, making profession of his faith in Christ. His attitude provoked the ire of the Governor, who ordered tear out breasts, and send it again to prison. The constancy of Agueda found replica in the stubbornness of Quintian, it returned to the charge, making it renewed instances and having, finally, torture that led her to death.

Since ancient times, it was venerated in Sicily and Rome; his cult spread throughout the Church, and his name was introduced in the Roman Canon, as well as in the song of the village. Your party is popularly celebrated on 5 February.